About Us

We are very passionate about karaoke with over 26 years experience in the industry.  Experience which includes Karaoke Hosting, Karaoke Production,  Karaoke/Audio/Lighting Retail, Recording Studio production and engineering, and more recently the business of Karaoke Licensing.

AKPA (NZ) Ltd, was formed primarily to:

a)  collect public performance fees for the karaoke record labels (karaoke producers) AKPA represents, and

b)  to protect the karaoke industry as a whole, including legitimate karaoke operators.

In protecting the industry that we care so deeply about, and in collecting public performance fees for the karaoke producers we represent, we hope to ensure its longevity.  Our aim is to give back to the karaoke community, by way of sponsoring karaoke events, with prizes and giveaways, and further advancing the dreams and aspirations of dedicated and often very talent karaoke singers.

For all of you who love to sing, it’s good to remember, singing releases the “feel good” endorphin’s, which help alleviate stress and anxiety.

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