The money that AKPA collects, where does it go?

AKPA collect the public performance fees (the karaoke producers portion only), deducts the administration costs, then divides evenly, the balance between all the karaoke producers signed with AKPA.

I already pay OneMusic for playing karaoke in my bar, why do I have to pay AKPA also?    

Regarding public performance of karaoke, OneMusic collect on behalf of the song writers, but they do not collect on behalf of karaoke producers.  AKPA has been established to collect the public performance fees for the karaoke producers we represent, who have produced the karaoke recordings being played in public.

Why is there a difference between who I pay for playing DJ vs Karaoke?

OneMusic is a combination of APRA for the writers/publishers/lyricists, and Recorded Music NZ for the sound producers (record labels) of original music, that covers for example a DJ in a bar, playing the original recording of “Elton John” singing “Candle in the Wind”. Alternatively when a karaoke operator plays a karaoke track, the writers get paid for public performance through OneMusic (for the writers etc) and AKPA is paid public performance for the karaoke record labels we represent.

This is really confusing, APRA Recorded Music OneMusic AKPA, bottom line who should be paid for what, in regards to public performance?

For original music e.g. DJ – APRA and Recorded Music, through OneMusic collect public performance, for both the song writers/composers AND the original sound producers (record labels) they represent. For karaoke music OneMusic/APRA still collect for the song writers/composers, but AKPA collects public performance fees, for the karaoke producers we represent.

How long does copyright in karaoke last?

Musical works is 50 years from the end of the calendar year in which the author dies, where as the sound (karaoke) recording is 50 years from the end of the calendar year in which the work was made or made available to the public, whichever is later.

Who pays public performance fees for karaoke?

Generally the venue/premises that are hiring the karaoke operator are responsible for paying public performance fees.  But the bottom line is, it is illegal to publicly perform without the permissions of all copyright owners.

Where can I find a copy of the New Zealand Copyright Act?   

Here is the link to the Act http://www.legislation.govt.nz/act/public/1994/0143/latest/DLM345634.html

PLEASE NOTE:  We do aim to provide accurate information but we do not provide legal advice.  Please seek legal advice from a lawyer.

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