Karaoke Venues

To register or for further information please contact us on info@akpa.co.nz 

If you play karaoke audio/video productions in public, just as with other copyrighted works, you will require public performance licences (permissions) from all copyright holders, as per the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994.   Playing in “public” is defined as “performance” in bars, clubs, and in any commercial or public environment, i.e. non-domestic.   The venue/premises who employ the karaoke operator are responsible for paying the public performance licences.

In New Zealand, APRA/OneMusic collect karaoke public performance on behalf of the writers/composers/publishers (musical works) they represent, and AKPA collect on behalf of the karaoke producers we represent (karaoke recordings/productions).   Both licences need to be in place for a venue to legally play karaoke.

It is important to note, that often solo artists and bands are also using karaoke backing tracks in their shows.

The standard AKPA fee for public performance of karaoke is $24.95 + GST per venue per night.  This rate may change depending on crowd and event size, and in the event a venue is playing karaoke more than one night a week we will apply discounts.

August 2017 – AKPA received a retraction and public apology from RNZRSA, regarding a notice they released in August 2016.  It is an important message for all in the karaoke industry, and especially venue owners/managers, in New Zealand and Australia.  CLICK HERE to view the statement on the RNZRSA website.  Since the RNZRSA statement, we have also had corrective statements written and published by Hospitality NZ and Clubs NZ, CLICK HERE to view.

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